Bridge Programs Offer Job Credentials to NE Workers

Nov 26, 2012

A measure approved in last year’s legislature will provide grant funds to create partnerships between non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

The purpose of the partnerships is to fast track adult learners so they can earn job certifications quicker in high demand occupations. 

Kate Bolz is the Associate Director of Low-Income Opportunity Program for Nebraska Appleseed.  She says Nebraska has a skills gap.

There are good paying jobs in Nebraska in different fields that are going unfilled because there aren’t enough people with the right skills.

"One in four working families in Nebraska is low income so we have a mismatch here.  We have people with great work ethic who want to earn higher wages to care for their families and we have job openings.  But the mismatch is with the skill set.  So the idea is that fast tracking these adults will help them get good paying jobs and fill needs in our economy."

Bolz says some of the occupations in high demand in Nebraska include nursing, electricians and insurance customer service agents.