Building Bright Futures identifies education issues and needs

Omaha, NE – Building Bright Futures is releasing the results of its four community meetings. The meetings, held in December and January, gave the public a chance to voice their opinions on important educational issues and needs. The community was asked to give feedback in three areas: helping kids prepare for school through early childhood education; helping kids succeed in school; and helping kids in trouble. Building Bright Futures Executive Director John Cavanaugh says issues identified by the public include the need for more parental involvement in kids' education, improving student attendance, and coordinating a response to truancy.

Cavanaugh says the outreach is continuing through this month. However, the February meetings are targeted at specific groups, including teachers, youth, low-income families, and school board members. He says the goal is to get more in-depth feedback. 765-people attended the public meetings in December and January.

Cavanaugh adds that Building Bright Futures hopes to have its comprehensive plan for achievement developed by April or May.