Business leaders celebrated by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

Apr 13, 2012

Eight present and past outstanding Omaha area business leaders will be inducted into the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s Hall of Fame on April 24th.   

Chamber President and CEO David Brown says the honor is meant to recognize the work these business leaders have done in the community. 

He says it is also a nod to the volunteer and philanthropic work these individuals did while they were still running their businesses or, in some cases, continue to do today.

"We think that Omaha in particular, but many communities around the country, owe a debt of gratitude to business leaders who, over the centuries really, have built their businesses which have resulted in lots of jobs and investment in the communities where they are located.  That employment and investment base really kind of forms the nucleus of what makes up this country.”

This year’s inductees include Mike Fahey and Robert Gregg “Bob” Hoig. 

The 2012 Omaha Business Hall of Fame Ceremony takes place on Tuesday, April 24th at 6:00 p.m. in the Holland Center. Information is available online at