Businesses and ACA the focus of panel discussion next week

Aug 21, 2013

A panel discussion next week focuses on what businesses need to know about the Affordable Care Act.

The Better Business Bureau Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska are hosting the discussion next Wednesday. BBB Nebraska president and CEO Jim Hegarty says they hope to answer some of the questions and concerns the Bureau frequently hears about the health care act.

"When do I need to be ready? What are the changes? And do you understand the new exchanges and how those will work? And I think that, generally speaking, a lot of people don’t understand it, and I think as we’ve talked to different providers, they tell us they’re getting new information almost on a daily basis."

Hegarty says businesses can prepare now for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act by meeting with their provider. The health insurance marketplace opens up October first. Businesses with more than 50 employees will have until 2015 to start providing health insurance to their workers.

More information on the panel discussion, and what businesses should know about the ACA, is available at