C4K On Display focuses on life skills, leadership

May 24, 2012

An Omaha educator says he hopes the College for Kids program can expand and offer more opportunities to young men.

Paul Bryant is the former executive director of Wesley House. He also leads an organization called the Leadership Institute for Urban Education. For the past two years, Bryant has worked with young black men from north Omaha on leadership, business, etiquette, and public speaking. Saturday, the 25 young men in the College for Kids program at UNO will present financial portfolio proposals to a panel of business experts.

Bryant says his goal is to change the culture of north Omaha. "I think many of the problems in our community can be solved if we get more young men to understand that getting an education is a great thing. That being married is honorable. That being a father and taking care of your children is cool. That it’s cool to be smart. And so I think the work is nothing short of changing the culture."

Former NBA guard and current New York Knicks Assistant General Manager Allan Houston will receive the program’s first leadership award. Bryant says Houston is a positive role model for young African-American men.