Carter Lake sending evacuation preparation letters to residents

Omaha, NE – Carter Lake officials want residents to start preparing in the event of evacuations.

Mayor Russ Kramer says no evacuation order is in place. Carter Lake plans to send out evacuation preparation letters Thursday. He says the letter serves as a reminder for Carter Lake's 3,000 residents to think about what they might need if they have to evacuate, such as eyeglasses, medicines, and important documents.

Kramer says rumor control is the biggest flood-related issue Carter Lake officials are currently dealing with. "Myself, the city officials, the city workers, have been accused of withholding information from the public, and it's absolutely ludicrous to think we would. We've all got family there also, our city is only a mile square, all of us are near the water, it would make absolutely no sense for any of us to hide information. We put all the information out as soon as we get it."

Kramer says there are some issues with ground water in the 17th and Murray Street area of Carter Lake. But he says pumps are working to remove excess water.

Carter Lake has a three-level flood alert system similar to Council Bluffs. The city is not under a flood alert at this time.