Central Omaha Transit public meeting Tuesday

Dec 3, 2013

Transportation and public transit options are the subject of a meeting Tuesday evening in Omaha.

It’s the fourth and final public meeting about the Central Omaha Transit Alternatives Analysis study. Metro Transit executive director Curt Simon says the three options identified at earlier meetings focus on bus rapid transit, which he describes as similar to a “train on wheels.”

"Typically, bus rapid transit is operating between a mile and a mile and a half stops. It’ll have station stops that are somewhat similar to what you’d see at a train platform. Where it’s able to have park and ride facilities you’ll have those available for the public. Typically there’s off-bus ticketing so that it speeds up the boarding process."

After the public meetings, Simon says officials will determine a preferred alternative. It would need approval from the transit boards and the Omaha City Council.

Tuesday's meeting begins at 5 at the Mutual of Omaha Auditorium at 3301 Dodge Street. More information on the Central Omaha Transit Alternatives Analysis is available at