Chamber of Commerce opposes Suttle recall efforts

Omaha, NE – The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce is opposed to a possible recall of Mayor Jim Suttle.

A statement from the Chamber says its board of directors voted Tuesday to oppose the recall effort. The statement says a recall could have a "potentially negative impact" on Omaha.

Mayor Suttle Recall Committee spokesman Jeremy Aspen doesn't believe the vote is an endorsement of anti-recall efforts. "They also made sure to mention that they vehemently oppose the policies of bigger budgets and higher taxes. So as far as that's concerned, business people in the Omaha area, the Chamber included, do come to the same conclusion that the Mayor is certainly not the perfect person for the job," Aspen says.

The Chamber's letter cites the 1987 recall of former Mayor Mike Boyle, saying it led to inconsistent leadership and instability.

The Mayor Suttle Recall Committee hopes to gather almost 27,000 signatures by November 19th to force a recall election of Mayor Suttle.