Changes made to Omaha's snow emergency plan as city prepares for winter

Nov 5, 2013

The city of Omaha has 100 Public Works trucks and 100 contractor vehicles ready for snow.

Credit City of Omaha

The city’s snow emergency plan has been changed this year. When a snow emergency is issued, residents east of 72nd Street must park on the even-number side of the road on even-number days…and on the odd-number side on odd-number days.

Street Maintenance Superintendent Scott McIntyre says this year, residents won’t be ticketed between 6pm and midnight during a snow emergency.

“That will give people the opportunity when they come home from work, during that six-hour period they can park on the appropriate side of the street, and the issue of do I have to go out at midnight and move my vehicle doesn’t exist anymore. You park on the side of the street that you need to be on for the following day.”

City officials hope the rule change will improve compliance with the snow emergency procedures. McIntyre says the city is stocked up on salt for the coming winter, and checking equipment to make sure it’s working.

Thursday is Winter Weather Awareness Day in Nebraska and Iowa.