Charles Drew Health Center Holds ACA Forums

Nov 21, 2013

The Charles Drew Health Center is holding a series of forums on the new Affordable Healthcare Act.

Preston Love, Spokesman with CDHC, says those attending will have the opportunity to have their health insurance questions answered.

Love, a certified application counselor, says individuals will also be able to obtain assistance in the enrollment process.

"The Affordable Health Care system is now working very well in all the ways it can work which includes the mailing of paper applications which we’ve been doing since October 1st.  But also now, the online system is working very well.  It’s very gratifying to sit with a person working online when they get the whole process done in one session.  That is pretty gratifying."

The next Health Care Forum will take place tonight at 6:00 in the Charles Drew Health Center’s Fitness Center, 2915 Grant Street.  There is no fee to attend. 

More information is available at 402-457-1207.