Children's Hospital & Medical Center Offers Free Parenting U Classes

Aug 14, 2017

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center just kicked off its fall Parenting U classes.

Sarah Weller, Spokesperson for Children’s Hospital, says parents can take as many or as few courses as they would like. 

She says the hospital offers Parenting U because they want to support parents in having happy, healthy children. 

Weller says some of the most popular classes are back including preparing for a newborn, breast feeding basics and mastering potty training. 

Additionally, she says Children’s Hospital will offer classes covering more complex topics.

"We’ve got one on behavior issues in children like ADHD, defiant disobedience.  And then we have another class in October about raising resilient children.  We live in a world where there’s a lot of stress and a lot of bullying and even a lot of grief, even in small children.  So this is how can I foster a resilient child who can cope and navigate those stresses in life.”

Weller says Parenting U classes are typically held from 6 to 7 p.m. in Children’s Glow Auditorium at 8200 Dodge Street. 

Registration is required for each session and is offered at

For those who cannot attend classes in person, a live stream of each session will be available.  Weller says for those who attend in person, the hospital offers childcare and a light meal.