Citizen Education Training Program

Mar 26, 2013

Courtesy of Omaha Police Department

The Omaha Police Department offers a six-week Citizen Education Training Program beginning April 4th.

Bridget Fitzpatrick, Crime Prevention Specialist with OPD, says the class meets once a week for three hours a night.  She says the classes are interesting and sometimes hands-on. 

Fitzpatrick says most people don’t realize how the police department works, so these classes are an opportunity for the public to find out what the police department does and why they do it.

"We’re going to have speakers that will come in from narcotics, gangs, horse patrol, K-9 Unit, our helicopter, SWAT and homicide departments.  It runs the gamut of most of our departments that would be of interest to people.”

In addition to the program that starts next week, OPD will also offer a program in Northeast Omaha geared toward youth, and a Spanish program in Southeast Omaha.  

More information is available by calling 402-444-6478.