City Adds Shared Bike Lane on Leavenworth

Jul 25, 2012

The City of Omaha is working to reconfigure lanes along Leavenworth Street, from 31st to 13th Street.

Carlos Morales is Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator for the city of Omaha. He says the City wants to offer multi-modal options for people in that area, so they may bike, walk, or drive safely.

With the help of Public Works and Engineering, the City discovered there were more lanes in that area than cars using them.  Consequently, Morales says the City decided to drop one of the lanes and convert it to a bike lane.  He says this will also help with parking. 

"Parking is give and take along the corridor but this will clearly define the parking area a lot more.  And what that does for a pedestrian is allows them to have additional buffer space and makes it a little bit calmer, a little bit quieter for people to walk and use the area.”

Morales says the purpose of the project is to connect downtown Omaha with densely populated areas in Midtown.  The City of Omaha will convert the lanes at Leavenworth Street this weekend.