City Council Candidates for Districts 5 & 6

May 2, 2013

Former State Senator Rich Pahls is running against Jeff Moore in the General Election.

The two are vying for Omaha’s District 5 Council Seat being vacated by mayoral candidate Jean Stothert.

Pahls represented southwest Omaha’s District 31 since his election in 2004. 

He was chairman of the Legislature’s Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee.

Pahls says his primary concerns are public safety, the sewer separation project costs and taxes.

Jeff Moore is a small business owner. Moore’s areas of focus include attracting more visitors to Omaha each year, balancing the budget, and reducing crime in the community.

Incumbent Republican Franklin T. Thompson currently represents District 6 on the Omaha City Council.

On May 14th he faces Republican challenger Phil Klein, the former Mayor of Elkhorn, in the general election.

Thompson says his campaign issues include working with Omaha’s Youth, as well as improving race and human relations.

Both candidates agree that snow removal is a big concern for the city, as well as the economic growth of Elkhorn’s downtown area.

Klein was an Elkhorn city councilman for four years and the town’s Mayor for two decades. He left politics in 2007 after the Omaha annexed Elkhorn.

Tuesday, May 14th is the date of the General Election.  For more details, the website is