City Councilman, former State Representative running for Mayor of Council Bluffs

Sep 24, 2013

Council Bluffs voters in November will elect the city’s first new Mayor in more than two decades.

City Councilman Matt Walsh and former Iowa House Speaker Brent Siegrist are running for Mayor. The winner of the November 5th election will succeed Tom Hanafan, who’s served as Mayor since 1988.

Walsh, who’s served on the Council Bluffs City Council for 18 years, says that experience is important to moving the city forward.

"I think it’s an exciting time for Council Bluffs, I think that it’s certainly  not a time to, because there are so many things going on including the interstate reconstruction, the West Broadway reconstruction, it’s not a time to bring in somebody that has no local government experience."

Siegrist was a State Representative for 18 years. He feels the city could do more to connect with residents through public meetings when the City Council isn’t in session.

"And I would do the same with the budget. I would take the budget on the road, if you will, bring the department directors along, have them present to the Mayor, as well as any City Council members that are interested, and let people actually see where their money is being spent."

Walsh is a banker in Omaha. Siegrist is the Executive Director at the Iowa Area Education Agencies.