City of Omaha Planning Department Approves 72nd Street Redevelopment Plan

Feb 27, 2013

The redevelopment plan for the 72nd and Dodge Street Corridor was approved earlier this month by the City of Omaha’s Planning Board.


Chad Weaver, Assistant Planning Director for the city, says the plan is part of a larger effort to set goals and guidelines so that as other projects come online, the city can work with those running the projects to achieve a specific vision. 

Weaver says the city’s plan is to have some sort of zoning tools within the next two or three months that’ll provide more codified guidance to those building in the corridor.

"It might require greater density.  It might require greater cooperation with existing and adjacent properties.  There are a number of things that might help push us towards the goals.  Right now, we have our urban design guidelines that have been adopted since 2007, that say you have to have better landscaping, better signage and a better looking building, but you can still get stand alone suburban style development so we are trying to push that toward something different.”

The 72nd Street Corridor Redevelopment Plan must now be approved by the City Council.  Construction is expected to start next year.