City of Omaha's Office of Sustainable Development is hosting an Open House Thursday

Omaha, NE – The City of Omaha's Sustainable Development department is offering residents the opportunity to view the final draft of the Comprehensive Energy Management Plan this Thursday.

Kristi Wamstead-Evans is Sustainability Coordinator for the city. She says the open house will take place at the W. Dale Clark Library, from 1:00 to 3:00 and from 5:00 to 7:00.

Wamstead-Evans says it's a chance for the city to release its findings from its year-long study of energy use in the community, "What we've done is we've captured data for the year 2009, in terms of community-wide, how much energy do we use? Where do we use it? This includes residential, commercial, industrial areas and even vehicles. Where is that energy used and how do we start tackling the reduction of our energy?"

Wamstead-Evans says the primary purpose of the report is to create a baseline for Omaha's current energy use. Over the next several years, the city can come back, update data and find out if the city is making progress in terms of energy reduction efforts.

The W. Dale Clark Library is located at 215 S. 15th Street.