Coalition seeks to get north Omaha voters to the polls

Omaha, NE – The North Omaha Voter Participation Project plans a series of candidate discussions and get-out-the-vote efforts before the primary.

The group held a news conference Monday morning at the Urban League. In 2008, Project members registered eligible north Omahans to vote, provided rides to the polls and held a series of candidate discussions. Organizer Preston Love Junior says those efforts were successful.

Love hopes for the same success leading up to the midterm election, when he believes more is at stake. "It really ought to be almost, quite frankly, flip flopped. It ought to be that people are voting like crazy on the local level because the local issues affect them at least at the same level as the national, it's just the reality," Love says. "So that's why we have to work so hard."

Numbers from the Douglas County Election Commission show nearly 63 percent of voters in Omaha's ward two voted in the 2008 election. Ward two includes all of north Omaha.

Nebraska's primary election is May 11.