The Coalition for a Stronger Nebraska debuts animated video short

Nov 13, 2017

The Coalition for a Stronger Nebraska recently debuted a new animated video short that explains how a bill becomes a law.

Marj Plumb, Executive Director of the Coalition for a Stronger Nebraska, says staff were inspired by the old Schoolhouse Rock videos that taught kids how legislation happens on the federal level. 

Plumb says because Nebraska is the only state with a unicameral, many people don’t know exactly how it works. 

She says the coalition works with non-profit organizations to teach them how to have a voice in public policy.

"No matter whether someone was born and raised in Nebraska or moved here, people didn’t understand the legislative process in the unicameral.  And so we came up with this idea to do an animated video to teach folks how a bill becomes a law.”

Plumb says estimates indicate non-profit organizations are the third largest industry in the state, bringing in approximately $500 million in tax revenue each year. 

She says many non-profits don’t know they are allowed to lobby so the coalition wants to use the video and other training materials to help these organizations understand how the lobbying process works.

To watch the video, the website is