College Possible program expanding

Jan 29, 2014

A program helping low-income students go to college is expanding next year.

College Possible is in Omaha and four other cities. Next year, it’ll expand to Philadelphia. Interim Executive Director Michelle Torgerson says in Omaha, College Possible works with 1,400 students.

“We have seen ACT increases of about 16 percent in students, which means we’re able to support students who get in to those stretch schools and providing them with a better match to support their higher education. 98 percent of the students who have gone through our program get in to college, in to a four-year college, and we have 69 seniors on college campuses today.”

College Possible has eight partner schools in Omaha in four school districts. The organization wants to expand to ten cities over the next six years.

The organization was recently honored at a White House summit on low-income students and college. College Possible has a goal of serving 20,000 students in ten cities by 2020.

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