The College of St. Mary Celebrates 90 Years

Sep 30, 2013

Omaha’s College of Saint Mary is celebrating its 90th birthday.

The school opened in 1923 at 15th and Castelar Streets as a two-year teachers’ college. In 1955, College of Saint Mary moved to its current location at 72nd Street and Mercy Road.

The college now has about one-thousand students. Diane Proulx is CSM’s Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement. She says the all-women’s school has been successful because of forward thinking.

"We’re always thinking ahead in to the future about what programs would be, job wise, around the corner, for employment purposes, and also what would be something that women would really like to get their feet in to and make work for them. So I feel like we’re always on the forefront of new and better ideas, and of course keeping the wonderful programs that we also have."

Proulx says College of Saint Mary now offers a three-year Bachelors Degree in Nursing, and has a Physicians’ Assistant program.

She says the school’s business and strategic communications programs have grown as well.

College of Saint Mary became a four-year, fully accredited school in 1958.