College of St. Mary launches a new Business Degree Program

Omaha, NE – The College of St. Mary recently launched a new business degree program.

Dr. Donna Ehrlich is the Director of College of St. Mary's Business Program. She says the new degree will focus on analytics as well as strategic communication. Before forming the new program, Dr. Ehrlich says the college completed a strategic plan, looked at the strengths and weaknesses of such a program and conducted several focus groups. She says in business today there's a need for employees to be able to analyze large amounts of data, "so we're expecting our students to be able to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze data to make decisions. We'll do this through a series of classes to develop these skills. Additionally, employees still need to be able to develop their communication skills so we have added more communication classes including business communication as well as strategic communication."

Dr. Ehrlich says courses in the new business program will begin this fall. Students who are already enrolled in the business program at the college will be able to transition into the new track.