A common antibiotic has been found to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Omaha, NE – Researchers from UNMC recently completed a clinical trial of the effects of a common antibiotic on cardiovascular disease.

The trial involved 128 post-menopausal women who all had reduced bone mass in their hips or spine. Dr. Jeffrey Payne, DDS, is an associate dean for research at the UNMC College of Dentistry. He led the study, which centered on a common antibiotic used to treat gum disease. Dr. Payne says the originally the study was looking at the effects of doxycycline on bone loss primarily in the mouth as well as the progression of periodontal disease. But an additional aim was added after the study unfolded. Dr. Payne says, "There was evidence emerging in the literature that this medication could, for example, potentially reduce cardiovascular disease risk and could reduce systemic biomarkers of inflammation. So in the midst of this study, we added this aim. Post-menopausal women are known to be at greater risk for cardiovascular disease, so it was logical to study the effect of the drug on these bio-markers in this population of patients."

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in post-menopausal women.