Community conversations on religion to be held in Omaha, Lincoln

Sep 17, 2012

The executive director of Omaha’s Project Interfaith says last week’s violence in the Middle East shows a need for discussions about religion.

Beth Katz is part of a three-member panel discussing religion Tuesday in Omaha. The Nebraska Humanities Council and Foundation is sponsoring the event, which focuses on the role religion plays in uniting or dividing communities.

Katz says the violence in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and other nations should spur discussions about faith and beliefs around the world.  "The old adage is that you don’t talk about politics and religion, but you can talk about just about anything else. And I think that’s a real lost opportunity, and I think what the events in the world are showing us is that this is what happens when we don’t talk about these topics. These topics are too important for us to not be talking about."

The former U.S. Ambassador to Libya was killed in one of last week’s attacks.

Tuesday’s panel discussion also includes religious studies professors from UNO and Creighton University. It’ll be held at KANEKO. More information is available at