Community groups call for investigation in to Omaha Police Department

Mar 15, 2012


A citizens group called Omahans for Justice Alliance wants the Department of Justice to investigate how Omaha Police use force.

The group includes the ACLU of Nebraska and Nebraskans for Peace. They send a letter Tuesday to the DOJ, asking its civil rights division to investigate OPD. Sam Walker, professor emeritus of criminal justice at UNO and a part of the group requesting an investigation, says the DOJ could order reforms if they find misconduct. 

Walker says the alleged incidents the Omahans for Justice Alliance cite in its letter to the DOJ go back at least two years. One involves the arrest of an Omaha man last May in the parking lot of Creighton University Medical Center.

In a statement, Omaha Police spokeswoman Lieutenant Darci Tierney says the department welcomes any review of policies. She says OPD has internal controls in place, including an early warning system.