Completely KIDS is Offering an Open Forum on Gang Violence Prevention

Jul 19, 2012

An open forum called “Gang Violence and Prevention Awareness” takes place this evening at the South Omaha Public Library.

L.D. Richardson, Senior, Teen Specialist with Completely KIDS, says the teens in his program helped put the forum together.  Richardson says tonight’s forum will bring the community together and offer them information to improve the safety of South Omaha. 

The evening includes a presentation by the South Omaha precinct gang unit, former gang members and a victim of gang violence.  Richardson says prevention starts in the home.

"It starts with the parents and guardians.  We have to empower them and encourage them to be there for their teens.  Whenever they see these negative behaviors occurring, or changing behaviors or liking one particular color, things of that nature, then they need to address it immediately.  They don’t need to wait. They don’t need to say that it’s just a phase. They need to address it immediately.”

Gang Violence and Prevention Awareness takes place tonight from 6:30 to 8:00 at the South Omaha Library, at 2808 Q Street. 

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