ConAgra Brands Selects Hines to Redevelop Portion of Downtown Campus

Dec 27, 2017

ConAgra Brands has hired Hines, a global real estate development firm, to help redevelop the downtown campus.  

Mindy Simon, Chief Information Officer, says ConAgra wants to redevelop their area in a way that connects the company back to the city by extending Harney Street all the way to the lake. 

Simon says the redevelopment will offer ConAgra’s 1200 Omaha-based employees a place to work, live and play. 

And she says from a community aspect, the area will become a place for people to visit and enjoy the city.

"We have 1200 vibrant employees in Omaha and ConAgra Brands is here to stay for the long-term.  We are excited with this redevelopment to share the campus back with the community in way that makes it that’s open and inviting.  It’s open today but it doesn’t invite others to join us on campus.  And so we would love to have people enjoy the space with us.  And we are excited to grow within the community.”

Simon says Hines expects to break ground on the project around early summer 2019.