Conflict Zone Opens at UNO Thursday

Feb 5, 2014

“Conflict Zone” is a new exhibit that features work from both civilian and military combat photographers.

The exhibition opens Thursday at UNO’s Criss Library and runs through the 23rd. 

Jackie Spinner, a former Washington Post journalist and current professor of journalism at Columbia College, will be in Omaha Thursday to talk about her experiences as a wartime journalist. 

Spinner says one of the biggest misconceptions about war is that there’s only a battle going on.

"There’s a lot of down time and a lot of life that also happens in a war zone so you see images in our exhibit of kids flying kites in Afghanistan and boys playing soccer in Iraq and people going to pray and shop for bridal dresses.  These are all things that happen in a war zone, in spite of the fact there is fighting going on in pockets of the country.”

Spinner’s talk takes place this Thursday at 4:00 p.m. in UNO’s Criss Library.  There is no charge to attend.