Corps of Engineers to change water release schedule

Omaha, NE – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to adjust water releases from upstream dams on the Missouri River.

A news release from the Corps' Omaha office says they'll release more water from the reservoirs this winter and next spring if weather conditions allow it. Jody Farhat, Chief of the Water Management Division, says the decision was prompted by feedback from a series of recent public meetings. "The overwhelming message that we got is folks are concerned about flooding next year, and just want some reassurance that we'll be ready to manage the 2012 runoff season."

Farhat says the schedule won't be adjusted right away. But she says they might hold releases from Gavins Point Dam at 40,000 cubic feet per second in to December if conditions allow it. Releases from Gavins Point are at 40,000 cfs as levees are inspected and repaired.

The Corps is finalizing its 2012 operating plan. It's expected to be available at the end of December.