Corps of Engineers to continue 160,000 cfs releases from Gavins Point Dam

Omaha, NE – The Corps of Engineers continues to release 160,000 cubic feet per second of water from Gavins Point Dam, and more rain is in the forecast.

Jody Farhat is with the Corps' Water Management Division. She says no changes are planned to the water release schedule. Farhat says the rainfall in this week's forecast is unlikely to affect that. "Certainly, any additional rain doesn't help the situation, but it appears to be manageable at this point, and really, our inflows are dropping off very nice above Fort Peck and they will very soon pretty soon at Garrison, we see a pretty steep decrease. So I think we'll probably be alright, we'll be able to manage some rainfall now."

The Missouri River was six feet above flood stage at Omaha as of Sunday. Corps officials say the 160,000 cubic feet per second releases from Gavins Point Dam will continue in to August.

Meanwhile, a water-filled flood barrier is back in place at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station. That berm was punctured June 26th.