Corps of Engineers to reduce Gavins Point Dam releases to 40,000 cfs by October 1

Omaha, NE – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to step down releases from Gavins Point Dam to 40,000 cubic feet per second by October first.

Northwestern Division Commander, Brigadier General John McMahon, announced the release schedule during a conference call Friday. The Corps plans to reduce releases from Gavins Point to 150,000 cubic feet per second Monday. That'll continue through mid-August.

McMahon says the Corps' plan is to further draw down releases to 90,000 cubic feet per second in early September. When that happens, McMahon says releases will hold at 90,000 cubic feet per second for two weeks so Corps officials can inspect levees. He says it'll also give the Corps a chance to evaluate the effectiveness of the release schedule. McMahon says cutting back releases too quickly could cause significant issues along the levee system.

Corps officials project the Missouri River will drop below flood stage at Omaha in mid-to-late September. The Corps of Engineers characterizes this year's Missouri River flooding as a 500 year flood. McMahon believes it's unlikely a similar event could happen next year.

The river remains six feet above flood stage at Omaha.