Council Bluffs unveils three-level warning system for flood notifications

Omaha, NE – Council Bluffs emergency management officials have a new three-level warning system in the event of significant flooding.

Fire Chief Alan Byers says the level of warning is based on the possibility of a levee breach. A level one warning means a flood event is slowing developing in an area, but no evacuation is needed. At level two, there's a significant potential for flooding and emergency management officials will recommend that residents leave.

Byers says a level three warning means levee failure is imminent and there's a flood emergency. A mandatory evacuation would be in place and residents would be notified through Code Red and other systems. "We will use the EAS broadcast warning system for messages through the National Weather Service. We will use the media outlets to put out the announcement. We also in a level three evacuation sound the tornado warning sirens."

Council Bluffs residents who want more information on the Code Red system should call 712-328-4672. The city has not issued a level one warning and no mandatory evacuations are in place.