Creative Mornings contributes to Omaha's positive image regarding appeal to young creatives

Jul 20, 2017

Omaha recently made USA Today’s list of the top 15 most inspiring cities for young artists -- only one of several high rankings Omaha has received in the area of arts and culture. 

The Greater Omaha Chamber’s Creative Mornings is a relatively new resource for local creative types.  The free monthly event is open to all.  Kim Sellmeyer, the Creative Director at the Chamber, says Creative Mornings is a national network that started in New York and has expanded to 170 communities worldwide.  She says the application process involved a pitch and an in-person interview.

Sellmeyer describes a Creative Mornings event:

“So, there’s a topic that every community presents on that’s the same topic, so this month it was equality. So, 170 other communities are talking about equality this month. So, we come together, we network for the first 30 minutes and we hear the speaker and we have a collaboration station where people can come and write down projects they want to collaborate on. We have a job board, where we share out people who are hiring or people who are looking for work.”

Sellmeyer says the job boards are posted on their social media pages after the event. Additionally, each chapter posts the video of their talk on the Creative Mornings website, which she says is helping Omaha become more recognized around the globe.

Sellmeyer stresses that creative thinkers are important in all lines of work and a vital part of Omaha's economic success.  She says 80,000 people in Omaha work in the arts. 

For more information the website is: