Creighton economist: impact of flooding widespread, significant

Omaha, NE – A Creighton University economist says this year's Missouri River flooding will have a widespread, significant economic impact.

Ernie Goss says usually, the economic impact from a natural disaster is limited to a specific area. However, the Missouri River flooding is a multi-state event.

Goss compiles a monthly report of economic conditions in nine states. Goss says 25 percent of supply managers surveyed last month indicated the Missouri River flooding has caused supply disruptions. "And of course, transportation is one of the key areas that are affected. For example, although not a lot of I-29 is closed, it is a key part of I-29, and that causes disruptions, causes increases in costs, and so on."

Goss says the flooding is also impacting suppliers of agricultural products to farmers along the Missouri River. But he says the national impact on agriculture from the Missouri River flooding is small.

The Missouri River remains about six feet above flood stage at Omaha.