Creighton enrollment continues upward trend

Aug 23, 2013

Creighton University has 961 freshman students this school year.

That’s on par with enrollment trends at Creighton over the past decade, when between 935 and 1000 freshman have enrolled each year. 80 percent of this year’s freshman class is from outside of Nebraska.

Mary Chase, associate vice president for Enrollment, credits the University’s academic and geographic diversity for the sustained growth.

“I think it’s our interest, specifically, in the diversity we have brought to the community, with regard to geographic diversity as well as the academic programs that we’ve added for the university. So we’ve seen an increase in the interest in Creighton, as well as the opportunities students want to pursue here.”

Chase says students are also drawn to the unique opportunity they have at Creighton to pursue an undergraduate and graduate or professional degree in one place.

Creighton’s overall student enrollment is expected to top 7,000 this year.