Creighton Graduate Programs Recognized by US News and World Report

Mar 21, 2014

Several of Creighton University’s graduate programs are ranked in U.S. News and World Report’s list of 2015 Best Graduate Schools.

Ed O’Connor, Creighton University’s provost, says both objective and subjective data were used in the rankings. 

He says the objective data included things such as graduation rates and number of job placements. 

The subjective data is the feedback that comes from other schools. 

O’Connor says Creighton is a unique university in terms of the size of the school, but with a comprehensive array of graduate programs.

"We have nine schools and colleges on a walkable campus and this allows us to integrate programs better, to offer interdisciplinary options to our students.  This lends itself, given the commitment and dedication of faculty and staff, to some outstanding programs that are recognized at a national level.”

O’Connor says the rankings evaluate more than 1,300 programs across business, law, medicine, engineering and education disciplines