Creighton Launches a Business Institute

Mar 11, 2013

Creighton University just launched the Creighton Business Institute as an offshoot of its College of Business.

Jennifer Metzler, Co-Director for the CBI, says the business institute is an outreach program provided to businesses not only in the Omaha metro area but also across the state, over to Iowa, throughout Kansas and the other surrounding states. 

Metzler says the CBI helps businesses with their personal organizational development internally.

"We hold two 3-day classes.  These are workshops that are for public offerings and these are in anything from end user courses all the way up through project management, leadership, continuing education.  Also we hold certification courses where we have anywhere from 5-8 days of classes that are related by topic.”

Metzler says the Creighton Business Institute is flexible and customizes courses to the needs of the individual or the organization. 

Fee structure is based on the specific programs offered. 

For more information, the number is 402-280-2330.