Creighton leaders speak out against immigration bill

Omaha, NE – Members of Creighton University's campus ministry and Center for Service and Justice are speaking out against an immigration bill in the Unicameral.

State Senator Charlie Janssen of Fremont introduced the legislation. It would allow law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of anyone stopped by police, detained, or arrested. If a person was found to be an illegal immigrant, they could be transferred to federal custody.

Father Andy Alexander is Creighton's vice president of Campus Ministry. He says the bill also bans illegal immigrants from working in Nebraska. Father Alexander says that would have serious negative impacts on Nebraska's economy. "It means we no longer have people working in our packing plants, doing drywall, roofing, construction, working in kitchens, working in hotels, cutting the grass in the suburbs. You can't imagine the number of things that would change if all of those people were to leave."

Father Alexander says if LB 48 becomes law, it could also prevent some victims from reporting crimes for fear their immigration status will be questioned.

The Nebraska Legislature's Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on LB 48 March second.