Creighton medical team performing 50 surgeries a day in Haiti

Omaha, NE – A third team of medical personnel could be sent to Haiti later this week to provide medical care to injured earthquake victims.

A nine-member medical team left Omaha Saturday afternoon for the Dominican Republic. They're performing about 50 surgeries a day at two hospitals in Jamani, a town on the Haiti-Dominican Republic border. Almost all of those surgeries are amputations. The medical team has requested x-ray machines, more supplies and eight additional nurses.

Dr. Charles Filipi, a surgeon at CUMC, is getting updates from the CUMC medical team in Haiti. He says their situation has improved somewhat since they arrived. But he says more emergency room nurses are needed to care for patients. Three nurses and a pharmacist left Omaha Tuesday afternoon to assist the medical team in Jamani. A third group of medical personnel could leave in a day or two.

Creighton is asking for donations to pay for the flights.