Creighton online IT Management program gets national ranking

Nov 29, 2012

A Creighton University online Masters Degree program is ranked third out of 20 programs nationwide.

The Master’s in Information Technology Management degree is ranked third on the website, which looks at online degree programs. The ranking is based upon the school’s reputation, quality of the faculty and the program, and courses offered.

Ravi Nath, chairman of the Department of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Creighton, says about 70 percent of students in the online program are already employed, and taking the courses for career advancement.  “It kind of opens new doors for you, new avenues for progress in your career, and IT is pervasive throughout the economy and in any organization, so the kind of jobs you can get in IT are really up to you, you just have to be creative about it.”

Nath says the online program began two years ago. About two dozen students are enrolled in the program. It’s also offered on-campus.