Creighton University celebrates Founders Week

Feb 6, 2013

Creighton University has a record 7,336 students enrolled this school year.

This week is Founders Week at Creighton. During his annual Founders Week Convocation address Tuesday, Creighton President Father Timothy Lannon talked about the University’s strategic plan, academic achievements, and online initiatives.

Lannon says Creighton must expand its outreach to potential students if the University is going to continue to grow.

“In response to the demographic and economic trends, we have a series of strategies in place for us at Creighton University. For example, one of our tactics is to recruit more students from the south and west. In fact, last August, we placed a regional group of recruitment professionals in Arizona and in northern California.”

Lannon says Creighton plans to open a Center for e-Learning and Academic Innovation. He says that initiative is part of making Creighton a virtual campus, while taking advantage of innovation and technology.

As Creighton officials work on a new strategic plan, Lannon says three key questions need to be answered.

“What are we deeply passionate about? What can we be best at in the world? And what drives our economics to provide the resources to fuel this great mission? The intersection of the answers to those three questions, the intersection of our unique and compelling purpose as a university, and the resources to make it happen, that is Creighton’s sweet spot.”

Lannon hailed a partnership between the University and Alegent Health, which he says has provided more opportunities for Creighton’s medical students. The two entered in to an agreement last April.

Creighton University was founded in 1878 as Creighton College, and had 120 students that year.