Creighton University hosting its first Summer Institute

Jun 13, 2013

Creighton’s first Summer Institute will focus on women, leadership, and higher education.

The Summer Institute is July 17th through 19th. Among the topics that’ll be discussed are how leadership is affected by physical, financial, and social well-being. It’s also an opportunity for women in higher education to network and learn from one another.

Gail Jensen, Dean of Creighton’s Graduate School and University College, says men and women in higher education approach leadership differently.

"We tend to do our work, but not make our work more visible. I believe that the integration, the combination of men and women leaders is such a necessary and important combination in higher ed. Women tend to network and collaborate and are not fearful of collaboration, and certainly the need for interdisciplinary work and programs is so important."

Jensen says the goals of the Summer Institute are networking, creating ideas, practical planning, and mentoring. More information is available at The early registration deadline is June 15.