Creighton University's new president gives his first convocation address

Feb 10, 2012

Creighton University’s new president says long-term strategic and financial planning are important to the school’s success.

Father Timothy Lannon gave his first convocation address earlier this week. He’s the first Creighton University alumnus to serve as the school’s president. He says 25 percent of this year’s freshman class at Creighton University are first-generation college students. They’re fron all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and 38 countries.

Lannon says Creighton is positioned for continued growth, with a record number of applicants this year. But he says continuing that growth means answering two key questions. “As our future becomes our today, together we must collectively ask this question: what do we want to be? Answering this question will involve engaging the whole campus and will lead to a change in Creighton’s culture. Next, we will ask, how do we get there?”

Lannon took over last summer as Creighton’s president following Father John Schlegel’s retirement.

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