Creighton, UNO students return to class Monday

Omaha, NE – Students at the University of Nebraska-Omaha and Creighton return to class Monday.

Both schools have welcome week activities planned. At UNO, incoming freshmen have the opportunity to participate in a service event called Durango Days. This year's incoming freshmen will be volunteering at one of four organizations in Omaha.

UNO Spokeswoman Wendy Townley says Durango Days is one example of the service learning offered by the school. She says students have many other opportunities throughout the school year to volunteer in the community.

UNO's Welcome Week activities include music, food and information booths set up by campus organizations. At Creighton, spokeswoman Cindy Workman says the freshman class exceeds 1,000 students this year. Creighton's welcome week activities include a welcome week dance, service learning opportunities, and performances by cultural organizations.