CSAs connecting businesses, employees with healthy food options

Mar 27, 2014

Omaha’s Partners for a Healthy City program is helping organizations access local, healthy food for their employees.

Partners for a Healthy City is connecting organizations with local farmers through its farm to institute initiative. The businesses can buy a CSA, or community supported agriculture, share. Participants have local food delivered to them from the farm.

Laura Feyerherm, a trainer with Partners for a Healthy City, says it starts with a commitment from the organizations to help their employees access healthy food options.

"We provide them with a list of farmers that provide the CSA in our community, and then we just get the ball rolling with implementing the community supported agriculture program in their organization. So once they're provided with a list of farmers, they basically choose which farmer they'd like to work with based on the produce options, the cost of the CSA, and then they are able to reach out to that farmer and get their CSA set up."

Feyerherm says 10 organizations are participating in the CSA program right now. More information is available at