The CTL at College of St. Mary is now offering a new seminar for local businesses

Omaha, NE – The College of St. Mary is offering Cultural Competence Seminars for local businesses.

Pam Humphrey, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at CSM, says the seminars are presented by the Center for Transcultural Learning. With 5.9 % of Nebraska's population being foreign born or immigrants, Humphrey says it's important to help business owners, employers and managers better understand the immigrant employees that work for them. She says the seminar is broken up into four modules, the first of which is self-assessment toward one's cultural reality, "Cultural understanding, not only of other cultures but also of the participant's own culture. The second module is developing cultural knowledge, awareness, sensitivity and competence. Then the third module would be exploration of the changing cultural landscape of Omaha. And then the fourth module is looking at actual case studies in cultural competence."

She says the seminar offers an opportunity to build awareness of what it means to live in a multicultural community. For more information, the web site is