The Death Star Canteen Revisited as Comedian Eddie Izzard brings his "Force Majeure" show to Omaha

Jun 16, 2014

Actor and stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard is bringing his latest show, “Force Majeure” to the Holland Center tomorrow night.

Izzard says it took him three months to work through his material. 

He has done the show in 25 countries and four languages.  By the time the tour concludes, Izzard will have done at least one show in each of the 50 states. 

Izzard says subject matter goes from dinosaurs and gods to moles digging for gold.  And for those who are fans, there is a return to the Death Star Canteen.

"Instead of Darth Vader ordering Penne Alla Arrabiata in the canteen, God comes down.  The canteen has now sort of slightly slowed things somewhere in the universe and God comes down and orders Spaghetti Carbonara which is being reserved for Darth Vader so he fights Darth Vader.  And then Mr. Stevens from catering has to come down and break up the fight.  It seems to be going down rather well.”

As if challenging himself by doing his show in other languages wasn’t enough, Izzard says he plans to run for office in 2020, either as a member of parliament or Mayor of London.  He says he’s running because he doesn’t like extremists.

Eddie Izzard performs “Force Majeure” at the Holland Center tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m.