Deb Fischer elected to U.S. Senate

Nov 6, 2012

Republican State Senator Deb Fischer will be Nebraska’s new U.S. Senator.

Fischer, a rancher from Valentine, won the U.S. Senate race 58 to 42 percent over Democratic candidate Bob Kerrey. Kerrey is a former Nebraska Governor and U.S. Senator.

Fischer says she’ll work to fulfill the expectations Nebraskans have of their elected officials. "We expect our elected officials to listen, and to vote for us in Washington the way they talk to us at home. We expect our elected officials to be one of us. I stand with you here tonight and I will stand for you, and fight for you, in Washington."

Fischer served on the Redistricting, Revenue, and Transportation and Telecommunications Committees in the Nebraska Legislature.

Fischer’s win means Nebraska’s entire Congressional delegation is Republican. She’ll take the Senate seat being vacated by Ben Nelson.