Democratic candidate calls for Clean Elections Pact

May 29, 2014

Nebraska Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook wants a spending limit for the general election.

Hassebrook’s campaign on Tuesday introduced what it’s calling the Clean Elections Pact. It would do three things. One is limit spending to three-million dollars. The second would discourage outside groups from spending money on the Governor’s race.

Hassebrook says the Clean Elections Pact is about integrity.

"Increasingly, our campaigns in this country, and in this state, epitomized by the spring primary, have become increasingly focused on attack ads and less and less about providing accurate, factual information that really helps voters understand the two candidates, their visions for the state, and where they want to take it."

Also, the pact says that if the candidates choose to run attack ads, they do so in their own words.

In a statement, Republican candidate Pete Ricketts’ campaign calls the Clean Elections pact disingenuous. The statement from campaign manager Matt Miltenberger says “within 24 hours of primary results, Chuck and the Nebraska Democratic Party violated the spirit of this very proposal through mischaracterizations and character attacks.”