Democratic candidate Hassebrook files for Nebraska Governor's race

Jan 30, 2014

Democratic candidate for Nebraska Governor Chuck Hassebrook says he has 1,500 campaign volunteers in 91 counties.

Hassebrook officially filed Tuesday for Governor. He’s the only Democrat in the race. Hassebrook, a former member of the Nebraska Board of Regents, says a key focus of his campaign is expanding early childhood education.

"We have too many children in the state now who start kindergarten already so far behind that the odds are against them ever succeeding in school. We all have a stake in fixing that, because if those kids don’t have the opportunity to succeed in school, then they’re probably not going to contribute to our state’s prosperity. In fact, they’re probably going to come back to cost us down the road."

Hassebrook says he supports wind energy development in Nebraska. He says it could provide an alternative revenue source for the state, and property tax relief.

Nebraska’s primary election is May 13th.